Evening Star Paver Lighting System

PL250 Series / Model PL60 & Model PL70 are Architectural Accent Lighting for Hardscapes. A Small Footprint with Round Design Presents Aesthetic Appeal and Optimum Design Flexibility.

Evening Star Paver Lighting System

Our patented Evening Star® PL250 Series Paver Lighting is ideal for residential and commercial grade concrete paving stones. We designed Model PL60 for all common 2 3/8" (60mm) thick pavers and Model PL70 for all commercial grade 2 3/4" (70mm) thick pavers. US Patent Nos. 7,070,294 & 7,556,394. CA Patent Nos. 2,491,501 & 2,591,736

A mere 2 1/2 inches in diameter, the small footprint and understated, round design of our fixture embodies both function and flair. Instead of taking the place of a paver like other brands, Evening Star Paver Lighting installs directly into any standard concrete paver flush with the surface - adding stylish, low voltage, accent and security lighting to patios and pool decks; entranceways; walkways and steps; and driveways.

Lamp Module Color Selections to Mix and Match for Optimum Design Flexibility.

Evening Star® Lamp Modules come in your choice of ten custom formulated colors - five Designer Colors and five Architectural Colors. Mix and match our Designer Colors for demarcation, delineation, color washing or accenting aspects of your landscape design. Our Architectural Colors comprise shades specially created to harmonize with popular paver and segmental retaining wall shades as well as tones found in wood and composite decking materials.

For Paver Lights and Deck & Dock Lights (PL & DL Series).

Designer Colors:
Lamp Module FrostFrost
Lamp Module RougeRouge
Lamp Module SeaglassSeaglass
Lamp Module FireflyFirefly
Lamp Module PacificPacific
Architectural Colors:
Lamp Module BlushBlush
Lamp Module BrandywineBrandywine
Lamp Module SesameSesame
Lamp Module DriftwoodDriftwood
Lamp Module AshAsh

Because Lamp Modules are easily removed and interchangeable, special color designs can be created and changed for reasons such as seasonal and holiday lighting. Images shown may not be accurate representations of Evening Star colors. Your final color selection should be made from actual Lamp Module samples available at your Evening Star Dealer or professional contractor/installer.

Evening Star Paver Light Diagram

Our Evening Star Paver Lighting Systems can also be installed in retail stores, office buildings, restaurants and alfresco cafes, hotels/motels/conference centers, parking lots and other commercial landscapes. These versatile systems are also ideal for parks transportation terminals and other municipal and urban development projects.

Using a diamond-tipped core drill, a hole is made through the paver to receive the Lamp Support Assembly and Lamp Module (See diagram). Coring is available from most Evening Star Dealers. The completed fixture quickly connects to standard 12/2 circuit cable with a unique, reusable Power Tap Connector™. Two independent circuits can be operated from optional 10/3 cable.

Compare these features and benefits with other products in the marketplace:

  • Round Design - Recesses securely into paver, hidden fixture contains the wire harness.
  • Universal Size - Fits all standard 2 3/8" (60 mm) and 2 3/4" (70 mm) thick concrete pavers.
  • Durable Polycarbonate Construction - Withstands vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Economical Light Source - Uses a low voltage, 4-watt, long-lasting incandescent lamp.
  • Maintenance-Free - Lamp Modules are totally sealed, weed and corrosion proof even in harsh coastal environments.
  • No Re-lamping Necessary - Unique Cam-Lock™ allows quick replacement of Lamp Module.
  • Exclusive Power Tap™ Connector - Make quick circuit connections to power supply cable.
  • Add or Relocate Fixtures Easily - Without wire nuts or splicing.
  • Recessed Lamp Module - Prevents damage from snow removal equipment.
  • Choice of 10 lens Colors - Mix and match colors for demarcation, delineation or accenting aspects of your landscape design.
  • Weather Resistant - Lamp Modules are unaffected by water, corrosive de-icing salts, or coastal environments.